Customized Product

Rofea has a professional, scientific research team that delivered many custom integrated optical circuits and modules for commercial applications. For example, cascaded MZ modulator, cascaded phase modulator, and array phase modulator are as follow,

1、Cascaded MZ modulator & cascaded phase modulator


Cascaded MZ modulator           Cascaded phase modulator

The cascaded MZ modulator integrates two MZ modulators, which have high extinction of 50dB, a 3dB bandwidth of 10GHz. And the cascaded phase modulator has a cascaded modulation and bias controller, the3dB bandwidth can be customed.

2、1*4 phase modulator


The 1*4 phase modulator integrates 4 phase modulator and cascaded Y-branch splitter into one circuit, which has okay performance in laser phased array application.

Our company has been engaged in the development and production of optoelectronic products for ten years, welcome to consult the customization of optoelectronic products.Additionally, we accept custom product orders, contact us for more information.