Rofea Products Catalog

Rofea Optoelectronics Our high-quality and advanced products:
1. Photodetector series
2. Electro-optic modulator series
3. Laser (light source) series
4. Optical Amplifier Series
5. Microwave photonic link products
6. Optical Test

Rofea Optoelectronics great advantages in the industry, such as customization, variety, specifications, high efficiency, excellent service. And in 2016 won the Beijing high-tech enterprise certification, has many patent certificates, strong strength, products sold at home and abroad markets, with its stable, superior performance to win the praise of users at home and abroad!微信图片_20230515143213

Electro-optic modulator is the key device to modulate continuous laser signal using data, radio frequency and clock signals. Different structures of modulator have different functions. Through the optical modulator, not only can the intensity of light wave be changed, but also the phase and polarization state of light wave can be modulated. The most commonly used electro-optic modulators are Mach-Zehnder intensity modulators and phase modulators.

Rofea independently developed photodetector integrated photodiode and low noise amplifier circuit, while providing a variety of products, for scientific research users Provide quality product customization service, technical support and convenient after-sales service. The current product line includes: analog signal photodetector with amplification, gain adjustable photodetector, high speed photodetector, snow market detector (APD), balance detector, etc.

Rofea provides stable and reliable laser modules for optical fiber communication, optical fiber sensing, fiber optic gyro and quantum communication users. Drive circuit and temperature control circuit integrated in one, for scientific research units users to provide side. The main
products include DEB laser light source, broadband light source, pulse light source, etc.

optical amplifier is a device which receives some input signal light and generates an output signal with higher optical power. Typically, inputs and outputs are laser beams (very rarely other types of light beams), either propagating as Gaussian beams in free space or in a fiber.
The amplification occurs in a so-called gain medium, which has to be “pumped” (i.e., provided with energy) from an external source. Most optical amplifiers are either optically or electrically pumped.

Rofea specializes in RF transmission field, the latest launch of a series of RF optical fiber transmission products. The RF fiber transmission module directly modulates the analog RF signal to the optical transceiver, transmits it through the optical fiber to the receiving end,
and then converts it into an RF signal after photoelectric conversion. The products cover L, S, X, Ku and other frequency bands, using compact metal casting shell, good electromagnetic interference resistance, wide working band, good flatness in the band, mainly used in
microwave delay line multimotion antenna, repeater station, satellite ground station and other fields.

Polarization-maintaining fiber devices such as polarization-maintaining laser, polarization-maintaining fiber, polarization-maintaining collimator, y-waveguide modulator, polarization-maintaining fiber, etc. are widely used in the fields of interferometer, gyroscope, fiber sensing,
etc. The testing of the devices is an important step in the production process. After years of research and development, Rofea Optoelectronics has accumulated a complete range of test solutions, including test light source, laser driver, optical power meter, extinction ratio tester and other equipment. According to customer needs, Rofea Optoelectronics provides single/double channel for station and multi-channel integrated test system for long-term stability test, which greatly improves production efficiency.