ROF Electro-optic modulator OPM series Desktop optical power meter

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Desktop optical power meter is specially designed for laboratory, company quality inspection, can provide two types of products: ROF-OPM-1X high-stability optical power meter and ROF-OPM-2X high-sensitivity optical power meter can independently perform optical power testing, digital zeroing, digital calibration, manual or automatic range selection, equipped with USB(RS232) interface, upper computer software can automatically perform data testing, recording and analysis. It can be easily formed into an automatic test system with wide measuring power range, high testing accuracy, high cost performance and good reliability.

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Rofea Optoelectronics offer Optical and photonics Electro-optic modulators products

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High resolution, more than 6 significant digits

Desktop interface, easy to operate

- 110dBm weak signal detection

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Application field

Laboratory optical device testing

High stability light source performance test and inspection

Advanced measurement of light measurement technology


Parameter OPM-A OPM-B
Wavelength range 900nm ~ 1650nm 300nm ~ 1100nm
Calibration wavelength 1310nm \ 1550nm 780nm\850nm
Power range OPM- 1X -90dBm ~ +3dBm -90dBm ~ +3dBm
OPM-2X- -70dBm~ +16dBm -70dBm~ +16dBm
Maximum display bit ≥6 bit ≥6 bit


±3.5% reading±10ppm full scale

[Measurement conditions] Operating temperature 10~30℃, relative humidity 15~85% R.H., input optical power 10 UW (CW), average time 1s, light source spectral width <14nm, the actual center wavelength for the selected wave length error of ±1nm.

Noise OPM- 1X ≤0.003pWp-p @AVEN=64
OPM-2X 2pWp-p
Temperature coefficient 0.2%/℃
linearity 0.46%        100nW~2mW
Detector type InGaAs Si
Connector type FC
Supply voltage 200V~240VAC
Output interface USB (RS232)
Size (mm) 320x90x220 (Length x height x depth)
Operating temperature 5~40℃

Please indicate if other wavelengths need to be calibrated.


Desktop opticalPwer meter 1X ----110dBm ~ +3dBm2X ----83dBm~ +3dBm A---900-1650nmB---300-1100nm

About Us

Rofea Optoelectronics offers a wide range of electro-optic products including modulators, photodetectors, lasers, amplifiers and more. Our products cover wavelengths from 780 nm to 2000 nm with electro-optical bandwidths up to 40 GHz. They are suitable for a variety of applications from analog RF links to high-speed communications. In addition, we also provide custom modulators, including 1*4 array phase modulators, ultra-low Vpi, and ultra-high extinction ratio modulators, which are popular with universities and research institutes. We pride ourselves on our quality service, high efficiency and wide range of specifications, making us a strong player in the industry.  In 2016, it was certified as a high-tech enterprise in Beijing and has a number of patent certificates. Our products have stable performance and are well received by users at home and abroad. At Rofea Optoelectronics, we are committed to providing excellent service and creating innovative products that meet our customers' needs. As we enter the era of vigorous development of optoelectronic technology, we look forward to cooperating with you to create brilliance together!

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  • Rofea Optoelectronics offers a product line of commercial Electro-optic modulators, Phase modulators, Intensity modulator, Photodetectors, Laser light sources, DFB lasers,Optical amplifiers, EDFA, SLD laser, QPSK modulation, Pulse laser, Light detector, Balanced photodetector, Laser driver, Fiber optic amplifier, Optical power meter, Broadband laser, Tunable laser, Optical detector, Laser diode driver, Fiber amplifier. We also provide many particular modulators for customization, such as 1*4 array phase modulators, ultra-low Vpi, and ultra-high extinction ratio modulators, primarily used in universities and institutes.
    Hope our products will be helpful to you and your research.

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