ROF-PR Low Noise PIN Photoreceiver Optical detector Low Noise Photodetector

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Rofea independently developed photodetector integrated photodiode and low noise amplifier circuit, while providing a variety of products, for scientific research users Provide quality product customization service, technical support and convenient after-sales service. The current product line includes: analog signal photodetector with amplification, gain adjustable photodetector, high speed photodetector, High Speed InGaAs Photodetector, snow market detector (APD), balance detector, Low Noise Photodetector, Low Noise PIN Photoreceiver, etc.

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Rofea Optoelectronics offer Optical and photonics Electro-optic modulators products

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Spectral range :Si:320-1000nm, InGaSn850-1650nm
3dB bandwidth: ~1GHz
Low noise
Optical fiber and free space coupling optional
ROF-PR Low Noise PIN Photoreceiver Optical detector Low Noise Photodetector


Weak light signal detection
Heterodyne detection


About Us

At Rofea Optoelectronics, we offer a diverse range of electro-optic products to meet your needs, including commercial modulators, laser sources, photodetectors, optical amplifiers, and more.
Our product line is characterized by its excellent performance, high efficiency, and versatility. We take pride in offering customization options to meet unique requests, adhering to specific specifications, and providing exceptional service to our clients.
We're proud to have been named a Beijing high-tech enterprise in 2016, and our numerous patent certificates attest to our strength in the industry. Our products are popular both domestically and internationally, with customers praising their consistent and superior quality.
As we move towards a future dominated by photoelectric technology, we strive to provide the best service possible and create innovative products in partnership with you. We can't wait to collaborate with you!

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  • Rofea Optoelectronics offers a product line of commercial Electro-optic modulators, Phase modulators, Intensity modulator, Photodetectors, Laser light sources, DFB lasers,Optical amplifiers, EDFA, SLD laser, QPSK modulation, Pulse laser, Light detector, Balanced photodetector, Laser driver, Fiber optic amplifier, Optical power meter, Broadband laser, Tunable laser, Optical detector, Laser diode driver, Fiber amplifier. We also provide many particular modulators for customization, such as 1*4 array phase modulators, ultra-low Vpi, and ultra-high extinction ratio modulators, primarily used in universities and institutes.
    Hope our products will be helpful to you and your research.

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