Rof-AMBox Electro-optical intensity modulator Mach Zehnder Modulator intensity Modulation Instrument

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Rof-AMBox Electro-optical intensity modulator is a highly integrated product owned by Rofea with independent intellectual property rights. The instrument integrates electro-optical intensity modulator, microwave amplifier and its driving circuit into one, which not only facilitates the use of users, but also greatly improves the reliability of MZ intensity modulator, and can provide customized services according to user requirements.

Product Detail

Rofea Optoelectronics offer Optical and photonics Electro-optic modulators products

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⚫ Low insertion loss

⚫ High operating bandwidth

⚫ Adjustable gain and offset operating point

⚫ AC 220V

⚫ Easy to use, optional light source

Electro-optical intensity modulator Lithium niobate intensity modulator LiNbO3 intensity modulator


⚫High speed external modulation system
⚫Teaching and experimental demonstration system
⚫Optical signal generator
⚫Optical RZ, NRZ system


Performance parameters

parameter symbol Minimum value Typical value Maximum value unit
Optical parameter
*Operating wavelength l 1525 1565 nm
**Insertion loss IL 4 5 dB
light return loss ORL -45 dB
Optical fiber Input port Panda PM fiber
Output port PM fiber or SM fiber
Optical connector FC/PC、FC/APC or User specified
Electrical parameter
Data processing rate 12.25 43 Gbps
***  -3dB bandwidth S21 10 - 28 GHz
**** Low cutoff frequency flow 100 KHz
Half-wave voltage @DC Vπ@DC 6 7 V
Half-wave voltage @RF Vπ@RF 5 6 V
Electric return loss S11 -12 -10 dB
RF input impedance 50 W
Input signal voltage range Vin 500 1000 mV
Gain control range 0 25 dB
Adjustment accuracy 1 dB
Bias voltage adjustment range -7 7 V

* 850、1064nm、1310nm The operating wavelength is optional

**Insertion loss refers to the insertion loss of modulator, excluding the loss of flange and coupler

***The 3dB bandwidth can be 10G, 20G, or 40G, and the higher bandwidth can be customized

****If lower cutoff frequency is required, please specify


Light source indicator (optional)

parameter symbol Minimum value Typical value

Maximum value

Operating wavelength l 1525 1550 1565 nm
Optical output power Po - 10 16 dBm
3dB spectral width Dl* - 2 10 MHz
 Side Mode Suppression Ratio SMSR 30 45 - dB
Relative noise intensity RIN - -160 -150 dB/Hz
** Power stability PSS - -


PLS - -


Output isolation ISO 30 35 - dB

* The wire width is optional:<1M, <200KHz

** Test conditionCW,  Temperature variation ±2℃

***850、1064nm、1310nm  The operating wavelength is optional


Limiting condition

project symbol Minimum value Maximum value unit
Operating temperature Top -5 60 ºC
Storage temperature Tst -40 85 ºC
humidity RH 10 85 %
input optical power Pin - 20 dBm
Amplitude of input electrical signal Vpp - 1 V

Characteristic curve


Ordering information

  Modulator type Operating wavelength Operating bandwidth Input-output fiber connrctor
  AMBOX---Intensity modulator 15---1550nm 10G---10GHz PS---PM/SMF FA---FC/APC
    13---1310nm 20G---20GHz PP---PM/PM FP---FC/PC
    10---1064nm 40G---28GHz   SP---User specified

* please contact our seller if you have special requirements

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