Rof Electro-optic modulator LiNbO3 MIOC Series Y-Waveguide Modulator

Short Description:

The R-MIOC Series Y-Waveguide Modulator is a LiNbO3 multifunctional integrated optical circuit (LiNbO3 MIOC) based on microelectronic technology, which can achieve polarizer and analyzer, beam splitting and combining, phase modulation and other function. The waveguides and electrodes are fabricated on LiNbO3 chip, the output and input fibers are precisely coupled with the waveguides, then the whole chip is encapsulated in a gold-plated Kovar housing to obtain well performance and high reliability.

Product Detail

Rofea Optoelectronics offer Optical and photonics Electro-optic modulators products

Product Tags


* X-cut, low insertion loss
* APE waveguide, high polarization extinction ratio
* Push-pull electrode, low half-wave voltage
* Well long-term stability and small package size



• Fiber optical gyroscope (FOG)
• Fiber Optic Current Sensor (FOCS)
• Hydrophones and other optical fiber sensing fields


Category Parameter Symbol Unit

Numerical value

Optical parameters

Operating wavelength λ nm 1290~1330 1530~1570
Insertion loss IL dB


Change of insertion loss at full temperature ΔIL dB


Coupling Ratio D %


Change rate of spectral ratio at full temperature ΔD % ≤3.0 ≤2.0
Backward light reflection RL dB


Residual Intensity Modultion RIM


Ambient temperature pigtail polarization crosstalk PER dB


Full temperature pigtail polarization crosstalk PERT dB


Electrical parameters

Half wave voltage V ≤3.5 ≤4.0
Waveform slope S


Bandwidth BW MHz


Packaging structure

Packaging form

Metal or ceramic

Device size (excluding pins) mm


Pigtail type Small mode field (6.0mm) PM Fiber  PM Fiber
Fiber length L m ≥1.0 ≥1.2

Environmental indicators

Working temperature Tw


Storage temperature Ts


Mechanical Diagram


Ordering information

  Multifunctional integrated optical device Wavelength:



In-Out Fiber type:



Optical connector:



N---No connector

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  • Rofea Optoelectronics offers a product line of commercial Electro-optic modulators, Phase modulators, Intensity modulator, Photodetectors, Laser light sources, DFB lasers,Optical amplifiers, EDFA, SLD laser, QPSK modulation, Pulse laser, Light detector, Balanced photodetector, Laser driver, Fiber optic amplifier, Optical power meter, Broadband laser, Tunable laser, Optical detector, Laser diode driver, Fiber amplifier. We also provide many particular modulators for customization, such as 1*4 array phase modulators, ultra-low Vpi, and ultra-high extinction ratio modulators, primarily used in universities and institutes.
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