Rof Electro-Optic Modulator Laser Modulator Laser Light Source Tunable Laser

Short Description:

Wavelength tuning range

Output power 10mw

Narrow line width

Internal locked of wavelength

Remote control is available

Product Detail

Rofea Optoelectronics offer Optical and photonics Electro-optic modulators products

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WDM device testing
Optical fiber sensing &OCT
PMD and PDL testing


Parameter Symbol Min Typ Max Unit
Wavelength C-band l 1524


L-band l 1560


Wavelength tuning range 40 nm
Channel spacing 50 GHz
Wavelength conversion speed 2 s
Wavelength accuracy -1.5 1.5 GHz
Output optical power Po 10 dBm
3dB spectral width Dl* 3 10 MHz
SMSR SMSR 40 50 dB
Polarization extinction ratio PEX 20 dB
Relative noise intensity RIN -145


Power stability ** PSS




Power supply AC 220V ± 10% 30W
Output optical fiber PMF
Optical connector FC/PC, FC/APC or user specified

About Us

Rofea Optoelectronics offers a comprehensive range of commercial electro-optic modulators, phase modulators, photodetectors, laser light sources, DFB lasers, optical amplifiers, EDFAs, SLD lasers, QPSK modulation, pulse lasers, light detectors, balanced photodetectors, semiconductor lasers, laser drivers, fiber couplers, pulsed lasers, fiber optic amplifiers, optical power meters, broadband lasers, tunable lasers, optical delay electro-optic modulators, optical detectors, laser diode drivers, fiber amplifiers, erbium-doped fiber amplifiers, and laser light sources. Moreover, we provide many customizable modulators, such as 1*4 array phase modulators, ultra-low Vpi, and ultra-high extinction ratio modulators, which are mainly utilized in universities and institutes. Our products offer a wavelength range of 780 nm to 2000 nm with electro-optic bandwidths of up to 40 GHz, featuring low insertion loss, low Vp, and high PER. They are ideal for various applications, ranging from analog RF links to high-speed communications.
Great advantages in the industry, such as customization, variety, specifications, high efficiency, excellent service.   And in 2016 won the Beijing high-tech enterprise certification, has many patent certificates, strong strength, products sold at home and abroad markets, with its stable, superior performance to win the praise of users at home and abroad!
The 21st century is the era of vigorous development of photoelectric technology, ROF is willing to do its best to provide services for you, and create brilliant with you. We are looking forward to cooperation with you!

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  • Rofea Optoelectronics offers a product line of commercial Electro-optic modulators, Phase modulators, Intensity modulator, Photodetectors, Laser light sources, DFB lasers,Optical amplifiers, EDFA, SLD laser, QPSK modulation, Pulse laser, Light detector, Balanced photodetector, Laser driver, Fiber optic amplifier, Optical power meter, Broadband laser, Tunable laser, Optical detector, Laser diode driver, Fiber amplifier. We also provide many particular modulators for customization, such as 1*4 array phase modulators, ultra-low Vpi, and ultra-high extinction ratio modulators, primarily used in universities and institutes.
    Hope our products will be helpful to you and your research.

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